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Accurate Overhead Limited specialize in the distribution and installation of Canadian made commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in Ontario.

Sales commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in ACTON Ontario. Sales commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in ACTON Ontario. Sales commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in ACTON Ontario. Sales commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in ACTON Ontario. Sales commercial and industrial PVC Strip Curtains in ACTON Ontario.

Ontario Largest Supplier of PVC, Plastic Strip Curtains and Bulk Roll PVC

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Commercial & Industrial Strip Curtains

You can use this web site to buy your PVC Strip Curtain for Scarborough and other areas of Ontario

PVC strip doors are designed to meet the heavy demands of industrial and commercial use. They are a cost effective way to provide energy control in both interior and exterior doorway openings. PVC strip doors are used in various industrial applications such as, to control dust and dirt, provide a noise barrier and to separate environments.

To help ensure quality and increase product life, we only uses the highest grade domestic PVC. All PVC material is formulated so that it meets Canadian requirements. Our PVC material is resistant to fading and yellowing due to ultraviolet light for added clarity.

PVC Strip Doors are custom made to your unique application. We offers the following strip door material to be used for your application: standard clear, bi-ribbed, standard low-temp clear, low-temp bi-ribbed, reinforced, weld screen, extra-low temp and anti-static PVC along with a wide variety of widths.

Several mounting options are available for your PVC Strip Door such as the standard Under Lintel (Header Mount), Wall Mount, Sliding Hardware and Stand Off Bracket.

Crash doors available on request!

All Safety Screens bulk roll products are extruded with rounded edges and are manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC, which will not support combustion.

Our PVC/Plastic strip curtains offer a high degree of clarity that ensures clear visibility to and from your working area. Each bulk roll is individually wrapped with a strong plastic inner core for shape retention.

PVC Strip Doors offer the most economical solutions to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.

For refrigeration purposes we offer our Super Cold PVC Strip which will remain unaffected in temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

We stock a complete range of associated components suitable for 'Hook on' and 'Bolt on' type fixings, including our Multi-Fit polycarbonate hanging plates.

Safety Screens have no minimum order requirement for part, bulk roll, fully assembled curtain quantities and we operate a nationwide fitting service.

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Sales, Service, and Installation for Scarborough and area.



Everything you need to know about strip curtains for Scarborough.



PVC Strip cut lengths each PVC strip is cut to your required lengths.



PVC Strip Curtains (Full Kit) All PVC curtain components needed for installation, which you can complete yourself.


Lennox and Addington

Track and Accessories Track and all associated spare parts for PVC plastic curtain repairs.



PVC strip curtains provide an easy and economical way to reduce heat loss or retain chilled air where temperature control is necessary.



Available in a choice of sizes and thicknesses, PVC strip curtains can be used in locations where there is vehicle or pedestrian traffic. They are supplied with a hook on hanging system which is quick and easy to install, making replacing any strips in the future a simple task.



Our strip doors are the most economical solutions to protect employees and goods in Scarborough from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.



Improve your safety, reduce noise, and lower your energy costs by using our PVC strip curtains and doors.



Amber weld strips are extruded with additives that make the curtains fire retardant and flame resistant. These strip curtains are ideal in applications that require light or spark control such as in welding applications or high heat environments.


Prescott and Russell

We have been serving your neighbourhood in Scarborough Since 1980 . We specializing in sales for the Scarborough area.



We sell strip doors, strip curtains and industrial partitions for temperature control, food safety and energy conservation in the Scarborough area of Ontario.




If you are looking for a Scarborough strip curtain consultant, please contact us today.


Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

PVC Strip Bulk Rolls Full 50m PVC rolls in various sizes and colours, which can be installed to your specification.

Leeds & Grenville


Want to know the cost of installing new strip curtains in Scarborough?

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We specialize in strip doors in Scarborough, Ontario and surrounding area.


Parry Sound

The easiest way to obtain a strip door curtain kit for Scarborough and area is through Accurate Overhead Limited.


Rainy River

Supply only or installed. In summer and winter, external PVC strip curtains keep your buildings at the temperature you choose. Whether you want to keep heat in or out, our strip curtains will make a clear difference to your heating or air-conditioning costs. PVC strip curtains are the safe and simple solution to the problem of constant pedestrian and motor traffic.



Are you looking for strip curtains for Scarborough?




Recommended for pedestrian and pallet truck traffic in Scarborough.


Thunder Bay

If you can't find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to supply you with what you require.

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